april 12, 2017

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“Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that every human life is of inestimable value.” ~ Desmond Tutu




The yard finally got its first trim of the season. It’s one of my all-time favorite things; that first mow of spring. The wild onions are plenty, and once they’re cut, the aroma sticks until the next rain. I reckon heaven smells like a first mow. Or brownies. That’d be alright, too. Anyway, the yard looks great, but if I’d had a hay baler I could have made a little money on the side. Wally’s a good helper, too. He watches after me, never gets in the way, and he’s genuinely happy to be outside with me. I love my little dog and my little yard and my little mower my sweet daddy gave me. I’m going to sleep good tonight grateful for everything I’ve got (and some of what I don’t).