april 19, 2017

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“Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


look closely


Yesterday, as I sat in the driveway waiting for the garage door to open, two grown rabbits stared at me from inside my yard. Ordinarily, movement of any kind sends them running. Not these two. I was sure once the car was in the garage they’d take off. Wrong again. I stared at them through the garage window. The one in the decaying leaves of the flower bed around the tree was wild eyed. I grabbed the camera, opened the door, and walked toward them. They didn’t move. I knew then that something was wrong. The wild eyed rabbit raised up, it’s lower belly gapped open, and a little purple dollop dropped into the rotting leaves. Both rabbits took off, but only to the next tree where she plopped out another purple blob before they bolted out of the yard. I used a shovel to scoop up the displaced baby, and brought it to its two (that I could see) siblings nestled inside a burrow of composted leaves. Then, I tried to figure out how to keep Wally from turning them into protein snacks without barring the parents from coming back. The little fort kept Wally out, but I’m not sure if the adults have come back. I sure hope they do because I love little bunnies.