may 3, 2017

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“Remain soft. Don’t allow the world and all its cruelties to rob you of your tenderness.”
~ Terry A. Gordon


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The last 36 hours are catching up with me. I had to leave the car at the shop, walk to work, work all day, walk back for the car, get the dog, drive to West Liberty, sort and pack stuff I’d left at my parent’s house for the last 40 years, sleep a few hours, come back to Lexington by 10am to meet Coit to clean the couch the cat peed on Saturday, rush off to Tire Discounters for new tires because the old ones were so worn only by divine intervention did I not wreck, clean, do laundry, straighten up after Coit left, and now here I am writing the outhouse from a foot stool because all the furniture is still wet. How can you not laugh at that? Oh, and Stacy Yelton and I took the car for a test drive to check out the new tires and repairs, and I gotta say the ‘ol gal (she’s 12) drives better than when she was new. How cool is that? Yes, the last 36 hours are catching up with me, but doggone it the car works again, the house smells good again, the cat’s UTI has cleared up, the dog is fed, and I don’t have a single complaint in the world other than I’m tired. I’m good with that.