october 4, 2017

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“One of the main things I’ve learned from all the deaths I’ve experienced is that the sacred fabric of our lives is not woven of what I call ‘flashbulb’ moments, but rather of the million tiny moments, of kindness, of regret, of loneliness, of Love. Value those moments. Celebrate those moments. And value and celebrate the ordinary miracle(s) of your life, those blessed moments of exchange with those you Love. They are precious. And so are you. Never forget that.” ~ Mary Carroll-Hackett


old friends


You first met Maggie Jacobs way back in 2014. She was still living in Louisiana then, but she’s back in the Bluegrass, for good I hope. Sharon’s first night in Kentucky, or rather Miss New Zealand as dad coined her, brought us together at Windy Corner for a quick meal, big hugs, and a few laughs. Maggie has a magnetic personality, and a smile that lights up a room. She’s one of those people that changes lives. She sure changed mine, and I’m glad for it. My life is a lot more interesting with her in it.