october 26, 2017

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“The power is entirely in your hands. You can stay on the same course or you can find a better way that will support who you really are. You have the ability to change your future.” ~ Anastasia Chopelas


southern comfort (snapseed)


Mom told me she was bringing a surprise for supper. I pulled this vaguely familiar pot from the box, placed it on the stove, and opened the lid. “Do you know who made this?” she asked. “Mary Vance,” I replied without hesitation. “I’d know her beef stew anywhere.” I was right on both counts, of course. It was Mary Vance’s beef stew and I would know it anywhere. When I was a little girl, Mary’s beef stew feed me more times than I can remember. It’s unlike anyone’s beef stew, and it is one of the most delicious, comforting foods I’ve ever known. Being extraordinarily thoughtful, she remembered the pot as something I might like, so she sent word for me to keep it. When I first left home, Mary gave me an incredible ceramic mixing bowl. All these years later, after moving untold times from one end of the country to the other, I still use it. Now, I’ve started my Mary Vance Collection in ernest, and every time I make delicious food using a piece, I will think of her. All these decades later she still treats me like one of her own. There are no words to convey the level of love I have for her.