november 30, 2017

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“If the hurt comes, so will the happiness. Be patient.” ~ Lieza


just so long for now


A photo of the photo will have to do for now. You met Rick Hayes way back in 2012 when I was in DC. We grew up like siblings, and we’ve remained close our entire lives even though we rarely get to see one another. Ricky has been ill off and on for several years, and in August of this year he got really sick. His friend, also named Rick whom I also adore, has been keeping me updated. Last week, we thought Ricky was making significant progress when he came off the ventilator and feeding tube. The next day, however, he went into cardiac arrest. Though the doctors brought him back, he remained in a coma. Test results have shown that he is essentially gone and now decisions must be made. Rick whom I also adore called me tonight so I could say goodbye to Ricky (speaker phone held to his ear). I did okay until I said I’ll see you on the other side, and you be sure to be there to greet me. I haven’t stopped crying since. I will eventually stop crying because, if Ricky was here in person, he would crack some joke about my ugly crying face or snot running out my nose. Either one would make me laugh, and I would indeed stop crying. He gave me so much joy in this life that I’m too grateful to be sad for long. But for now, my little sister heart is deeply hurt as I wait for that final call from Rick whom I also adore.