january 3, 2018

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“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes.
That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”
~ Les Brown

ostriches (snapseed)


Social Media, and being connected all the time, has radically changed social dynamics. I doubt many would argue the point. The lunch ladies and I were discussing today the unusual, and somewhat unexpected, behavioral changes we’ve seen as social media has taken hold over the years. The original intent of social media – to reconnect, and stay connected, with people whom we do not get to see often – was a fabulous advance. Yet, for some, the pressures of being connected all the time have warped reality and changed the way we see ourselves, the way we see life. When Sharon was here, we went to Joseph-Beth Booksellers. This photo is what we saw when we walked out of the store. Eight adults, every one of them with their head buried in a phone; together, but talking to people who weren’t even there. I’ve hung on to the photo since then, looking at it every once in a while, and every time I see it I shake my head in disbelief. My word for 2018 is ‘resolve,’ defined as 1. “decide firmly on a course of action.” 2. “settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter).” I resolve to be more present and connected in person because I don’t ever want to be in a picture like this. Love your people when you’re with them. They won’t be there forever. And the outhouse can be read anytime 😉 (Oh, the irony!)