january 6, 2018

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“Your speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward.” ~ Unknown

a real theater (snapseed)


It’s my birthday weekend. The first order of business was The Last Jedi matinee with Stacy Yelton at the Kentucky Theater. Nothing will ever touch the original movie, but this was good, especially because of Carrie Fischer. Yes, it was her last film, but it’s good because she and Mark Hammill make for a good story. I couldn’t help but feel grateful when she appeared on screen. What a tumultuous life she lead, but when she had clarity, she had the wit of 1,000 people and more cajones than most men. What’s not to love about that? I always liked her, and I’m really glad she shared her talents with the world. We followed that with an early dinner at Honeywood at The Summit. I had not been to either before today. The Summit is an interesting concept for a shopping center, probably more suited to warm weather, honestly, and Honeywood had some very interesting foods. To top it off, I received a vinyl copy of Ryan Adams’ Prisoner. It doesn’t get much better than Ryan Adams in my book. Thank you, Stacy, for an awesome first day of birthday weekend!