january 21, 2018

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“Love yourself first because that’s who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with.” ~ TinyBuddha


the look


Annabelle Bick aka Apricot (Apricot Banana Bick is the whole name): she’s going to be the tough one in the Bick Family to photograph. I see that now. I first photographed her last year when she was just a wee baby, and nary a smile did I get. I pretty much met the same fate this year, too. Nevertheless, I persisted. And while I did manage to snag a half grin here, an Elvis lip there, I went with this photo because it’s her usual look, when she’s looking at me anyway. I call it the ‘furrowed brow of questioning.’ 


grandpa Joe


Meanwhile, Annabelle’s older brother, Jackson, is the exact opposite. He isn’t shy at all, and smiles for the camera. And while we don’t see him smiling here, I couldn’t help but love this photo with his grandpa Joe Bick. There’s nothing extraordinary about the composition or lighting. It’s just a portrait of a grandson learning from his grandfather, and that’s the beauty of it. Plus, Jackson looks so much like Joe that I couldn’t help but imagine Joe when he was Jackson’s age learning from his elders.


crawling into the sunset


It’s always a delight to be with the Bick/Barnes/Yelton family around the holidays, and this year was no exception. And now, with all the little ones, I’m forced to the floor for part of the day. I’ll be needing to get in shape if I’m ever to get Apricot to smile at me.