january 23, 2018

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“Terrible times are to help you grow. That’s why we have them.” ~ Alice Walker


workin’ man tools


New toys are cool, but the old toys are my favorite. Check out the metal wheels on this crane. I totally remember Mark Collinsworth’s Tonka toys had these same metal wheels. While the Bick grandchildren reveled in their new presents, I was transfixed by this piece of toy glory. Grandpa Joe had shared this seriously cool truck and crane excavator that he played with as a child. His boys, Brett and Ryan, played with it, too. And now grandsons Jackson and Grier are giving it a go. They really don’t make toys like this anymore, and I think it’s so cool that, instead of putting it on a shelf, it’s being played with. There’s no Island of Misfit Toys toys in this house!