march 4, 2018

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“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.” ~ Stephen Hawking


light fantastic…


Kentucky Crafted opens the art festival season in Kentucky for me, and this weekend was the launch. It was held in Louisville’s Expo Center this year. I’d never been there before, and neither had my art festival companion, Annie Bassoni. It was something of an adventure. We drove around the center’s perimeter twice; a perimeter that includes the Expo Center, Kentucky Kingdom (amusement park), and Freedom Hall, before we finally figured out where we were supposed to park. We even stopped for cattle crossing along the way. Once inside, we walked for what felt like forever only to end up swimming through schools of pre-teen cheerleaders in way too much makeup to finally reach our destination. I did say it was an adventure, didn’t I? Inside the KY Crafted section of the Expo Center I found myself mesmerized by these lights. They give you an idea of just how large this space is, and it was quite welcomed space. I enjoy KY Crafted in Lexington for convenience sake, but the Expo Center was large enough that I never felt like I was in anyone’s way, or they in mine. It was nice to take our time and look at everyone’s artwork. We saw many, many people we knew, had many wonderful conversations, and bought surprisingly few items. The way out wasn’t nearly as eventful as trying to get in, but it was still an amazingly beautiful day for a drive home. Let the art festivalness begin!