march 12, 2018

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“Five things to quit right now:
1. Trying to please everyone
2. Fearing change
3. Living in the past
4. Putting yourself down
5. Overthinking”
~ Unknown


pink sodium light


I put aside what I’d planned to post today because we were gifted with a gorgeous snow overnight. Mother Nature took pity on us Kentuckians, after the springing forward idiocy, and dropped nine inches of the white stuff on Lexington, which got UK employees like me a two-hour delay this morning. As that extra time rolled by, the sun rose, the skies cleared, and the world became insanely beautiful. It was a thick, wet, heavy snow. It wasn’t good for trees and power lines (lots of people lost power and trees today), but it made for a stunning sight. It melted quickly, but my goodness, was this place spectacular for a few hours. Friends on facebook posted beautiful pictures all day. They warmed my heart because, clearly, so many of us were enjoying the beauty. I’ll probably post more snow pix as the days roll on, but for now, let’s start with these. I’m really grateful none of my trees or power lines suffered serious ill-effects, and I’m especially grateful to be part of such a beautiful day.


to the east