may 4, 2018

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“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.” ~ Will Rogers




Once again I came home to find Edgar near his woodpile. Jill LeMaster asked for video, so I shot a little with my phone (below). You can hear the parents having a fit. Edgar Allen Crow, Sr. and the Mrs. whom I call… wait for it… Sheryl (props to Sarah Dorpinghaus for that belly laugh), keep an eye on little Edgar Jr. They bounce between the nearby walnut tree and my dying oak tree. I try to photograph them, but they’re so high up in the branches, this is about as good as it gets,. So far. The interesting thing is that, when they’re not around, Little Edgar is super calm and will let me touch him. But when they’re squawking, he does what they say and heads for the hills, or the mound as the case may be. It’s good to listen to your parents.