may 5, 2018

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“Know that there is divine balance in everything. Without darkness there can be no light
and without spirituality there can be no physicality. You are being guided through this.”
~ Crow (Brian Oberley)


old friend


It was Derby Day. Rather than my usual Derby party, I spent time in West Liberty with my old friend, Jill Lemaster. I didn’t know it was her birthday until after we’d parted, so I missed an opportunity to say Happy Birthday to one of my oldest friends. Jill hasn’t been in the outhouse before today, but you’ve heard me talk about her. Two years ago, she sent her farm fresh eggs to me by way of mom, and she made a wonderful paw tombstone for One-Eyed Jack. That’s Jill! She has a small circle of people she goes out of her way to help when they need her, and she shares whatever she has whenever she can. I’m lucky to be in that circle.




We were at Janet’s house. I stepped out on the back porch and saw this enormous snapping turtle floating downstream. It was easily the largest snapping turtle I’ve seen in that creek in more than 40 years. Though you can clearly see his long nails and neck, the water distorted his size in the photo. He was bigger in person. I would guess him to be 30 pounds or more; really quite impressive. 


ain’t aged a bit


My day with Jill was one to cherish. We had a good, long talk about a lot of important things. The kind of conversation that you only have with someone who really knows you. Jill is one of those people for me, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. I do, however, wish I’d known it was her birthday so we could have done something special to celebrate her. It just means we get to plan something even more special, and soon. She deserves to be celebrated.