july 3, 2018

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“To be kind is more important that to be right.” ~ Unknown




I had a morning full of errands downtown. I called Stacy and asked if she’d like to have breakfast in between said errands. She suggested Doodles, which occupies an old gas station at the corner of 3rd and Lime. Neither of us had eaten there, and being a beautiful day, it was perfect for a breakfast dining adventure. Plus, as much as possible, their food is locally grown or made. It sounded like my kind of place, and it was. We had so much fun! The food was delicious, the wait staff sweet as can be, the decor bright, and the company as funny as the roosters on the roof. As a bonus, the bathrooms are still outside of the building just like the gas stations of yore, except we didn’t have to ask for the key. I love this place!