july 20, 2018

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“I’m stronger because I had to be, smarter because of my mistakes,
happier because of the sadness I’ve known, and wiser because I’ve learned.”
~ Tiny Buddha


overhead (snapseed)


Lexington had quite the storm this afternoon. It was a storm more akin to springtime, but with climate change, this is the new normal I guess. I snapped some shots just before the rains came. It wasn’t long before the extreme winds kicked in. From my office window I watched horizontal rain blow through enormous oak trees, and for a time, those trees bent in unnatural ways. I’ve seen many a storm blow past that office but this storm was different. Everything outside turned super dark and slightly greenish. Hail hit the window from the opposite direction of the storm. I watched large limbs blow down like sticks. In neighboring Woodford County, a few cars were trapped under live wires when telephone poles snapped in half. It took hours to extract the people – and the cars. No one was hurt. Mom and dad were in town when the storm hit. They insisted on going home. It took them an hour to just get out of Lexington because of the downed trees and power lines. 50,000 people are still without power. We didn’t have a tornado (though we have a watch until 3am), but we had straight-line winds without a doubt (you know ’em when you see ’em) and a deluge of rain. Now, as I write this, the next round of storms are passing through with far less fan fair than earlier in the day. I absolutely love stormy weather, and I especially like it when no one gets hurt.


Auntie Em! (snapseed)