september 30, 2018

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“Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” ~ William James




Dad turns 80 tomorrow, but since that’s a Monday – I have to work and they have appointments all day – we started the festivities today. We did what we often do when we’re looking for an adventure: we took off with no particular destination. Ya just start driving and see where the road leads. Today, it led us first to Highbridge then to the Historic Battle of Perryville Battlefield (top photo). We had a wonderful day together and we were treated to a beautiful Bluegrass sunset on the way home. I’m so grateful.


here comes trouble

september 29, 2018

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“What flatterers say, try to make true.” ~ German proverb


Rolling on the river


After a day of adventuring, we found our way to Maysville. There, we came across a great restaurant situated beside the railroad tracks and the river. The restaurant sits beside the Amtrak station that isn’t actually open anymore which is pretty sad. The tracks, the station, and the restaurant are on the outside of the flood wall like sacrificial lambs. The river has been rising from all the rains upstream since we got here. I don’t expect it will raise above the tracks, but it’s happened more than once, and I just can’t imagine what it must be like to have a home or business that’s a sitting duck for floods. Disasters aside, we’ve spent a lot of time beside the river today and there’s just nothing more soothing than flowing water. What a beautiful day we’ve had.

september 28, 2018

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“If cats could talk, they wouldn’t.” ~ Nan Porter


Main Street USA


The Rental Sisters and I, plus sobrinas Cassie and Lisa, spent the day strolling around tiny Augusta, Kentucky. If you’re not familiar with this Ohio River town, you’re  probably familiar with its most famous citizens, The Clooneys, as in Rosemary, Nick, and George. In fact, unbeknownst to us at first, we ambled into Nina Clooney’s delightful antique shop. Nina is George’s mom. She’s just sweet as can be, loves her little shop dog named Nate, and she was forward promoting her son’s tequila: Casamigos. We did not try it. It was a beautiful day on the river with my peeps.

september 27, 2018

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“Because you are alive, everything is possible.” Thich Nhat Hahn




Look at this face! This little guy greets me everyday when I get home from work. He’s a good boy. I got lucky. I really must be living right.

september 26, 2018

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“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can what others can’t.” ~ Jerry Rice


tate modern love (snapseed)


Jen and Jon Reynolds continue to spoil me with kindness. Knowing I adore books and postcards and photographs, they shower me constantly with all three. Just this week I received this cool postcard from their recent trip to the United Kingdom. If you’ve never been to London (England not Kentucky) you should definitely go. And if you’ve never been to the Tate Modern Museum in London, you absolutely should go there. It’s where this gorgeous photo of David Bowie taken by Linda McCartney lives. I love everything about London (England not Kentucky) including the Tate. It’s yet another thing The Reynolds’ and I have in common. I heart them.

september 25, 2018

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“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” ~ TinyBuddha


standing around 1


They’re construction a building across from Rupp Arena that’s butt up against a six-story parking structure. That alone isn’t anything to write about, but I’ve never seen a wall this tall that didn’t have support beams. When I saw it from the corner of Maxwell and Broadway (top) I thought there must be support on the other side, though I couldn’t imagine how that looked since the other side is practically in the road. But, no. There are no support beams there either. What the what? I’m not sure I will ever trust this building. Ever. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty cool look.


standing around 2

september 24, 2018

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“There are three ways to ultimate success:
The first way is to be kind.
The second way is to be kind.
The third way is to be kind.”
~ Fred Rogers


Sunday morning (snapseed)


Yesterday I rose before dawn, even though it was a rainy Sunday, perfect sleeping weather. Nevertheless, I snuggled into my armchair with hot coffee and a book. Wally was the first to appear. Over the last few weeks he’s wanted to sit with me. That may sound sweet, but the chair is just wide enough for a person. There’s no extra space for a dog, too. But I can’t deny him when his sweet brown eyes look at me. I make myself as small as I can so he has room, too. Within minutes Lily perched herself nearby, and then it wasn’t long before Leo became brave enough to take a step toward me. You can see the side-eye stare he’s getting for it from Wally. It was a truce, but it was oh so temporary. Nevertheless, if I could start every day like this, I sure would do it. 

september 23, 2018

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“It’s easy to judge. It’s more difficult to understand…Through judging we separate. Through understanding we grow.” ~ Doe Zantamata


little brother


I’ve had the best weekend I could possibly imagine with my little brother Greg Gross. We couldn’t be closer if we were actual siblings, and that’s a fact. He knows all the Kopana’s that have existed and loves me still. I know all the Greg’s, too. We have talked more this weekend than we have in the last 15 years combined: just what the doctor ordered for me, and I think, I hope, for him, too. I hate to see him go back to Arizona, but I have pledged to come visit soon, and often. I aim to keep that promise. He’s a gift worth cherishing.


taller brother

september 22, 2018

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“You learn nothing from your life if you think you are right all the time.” ~ Unknown


the gang


I spent a wonderful day with Greg, talking, talking, talking. We solved all the world’s problems, and, yet, not a single picture was taken. And since neither of us cleaned up until way late in the day, that’s a good thing. I continue to process the photos from last week’s Scarefest. I came across this rare photo of the whole Okie gang, one of only two from the entire weekend, as we waited for the ghost walk to begin. I sure had a good time with them last weekend, and now I get to hang with little brother Greg this weekend. I must be living right.

september 21, 2018

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“If we are peaceful, if we are happy, we can smile, and everyone in our family, our entire society, will benefit from our peace.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


laughing ice cream


Greg met Judy. Judy met Greg. We ate. We laughed. The original plan was to go to a UK men’s soccer game after dinner, but none of us were keen on sitting in the rain. We opted for Graeter’s ice cream instead. It was a great start to the weekend, and of course, I’m always happy to have my little brother home with me. I feel whole.


big mouth
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