november 5, 2018

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“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


mista hair extraordinaire


Like most babies I was bald. The problem was that I didn’t grow any appreciable hair until I was nearly three years old. Mom often tells the story of getting mad when people would tell her what a cute little boy she had. My hair grew in thin and straight, but with an odd shaped head like mine, it had a mind of its own and pretty much did whatever it wanted and always with bangs falling into my face. It was hard to give it a good cut. As a teen in the 1980’s I permed my hair (we all did). It was so straight and thin that it didn’t hold the perm very long, and eventually I stopped trying. By the time I hit 30, things had begun to change, except the unruly behavior, of course. And by the time I was 40, other women would say how lucky I was to have such thick hair. Now, at 53, it’s very thick, full bodied (almost curly sometimes), and sprinkled with grey. It’s still unruly and very hard to cut. Kevin Edmondson is one of the few people who could ever cut it to suit me and still have it look good, so the first order of business when I got to Tahlequah was to have him cut it so I could see again. He did not disappoint. I’ve known Kevin about 30 years now and he has never changed. I love and appreciate him more than he’ll ever know. 


old friends