december 9, 2018

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“We rise by lifting others.” ~ Unknown

friendly skies (Camera+)


There’s a direct flight to DC from Lexington except on weekends. I flew up yesterday, early for the conference I’m attending tomorrow and Tuesday, and that meant I had to catch a connecting flight in Atlanta. I used to love flying, but I don’t anymore. The flights are too crowded, the lines too long, the waits insane, the TSA invasive, and so on and so forth, but until they perfect teleportation, it’s sometimes the only game in town. I always go for the window seats because at least I’ve got something to look at to take my mind off my discomfort. Add to that my recent rediscovery of  my Camera+ app, and I had a little fun while I waited in one line or another. The flight path from Atlanta to Reagan National isn’t nearly as cool as the flight path from Lexington that usually gives one a clear view of DC proper. Nevertheless, I thought this highway over the Potomac was pretty cool.