december 27, 2018

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“Stay close to people who feel like sunshine.” ~ Unknown


outside art deco


I mentioned that Union Terminal is a fabulous example of art deco. Here’s one tiny example of it from the outside just to whet your whistle for the inside. But if all you saw was this clock on the half-dome you’d have a good idea of the extravagant beauty that awaits. And in something slightly unrelated, in the bottom photo you might notice the enormous Cincinnati sign. Some moths ago, I bought a beautiful Jon Reynolds photo of Cinci fireworks with that sign prominent in foreground of the image. Until then, I had never seen the sign, and I’ve been through and in Cinci more times than I can count. I learned it’s only visible from the west side, even then only in certain places, and sure enough, from Union Terminal on the west side of downtown, there it was. My image of the sign is crappy, but the sign itself was awesome, but even it couldn’t hold a candle to Union Terminal. 


in the distance