january 1, 2019

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Snell yeah!


We’re starting the new year off right with a historic win by the University of Kentucky Wildcat football team. Today, they won the Citrus Bowl over Penn State 27-24. Running Back Benny Snell set a new UK rushing record, and the win marked the team’s 10th for the season, breaking that drought held since 1977. There’s probably a bunch of other records in there, too, but these will suffice. For those who don’t know, UK is not known as a football school. Quite the opposite in fact. But as our storied basketball program began to look more like an NBA farm club, our football team was quietly assembling a good-ish coaching staff and some very talented recruits. Benny Snell was among those talents, but it takes a team to win a game and UK had a real football team this season. Like Snell, some of our best players are moving on to the NFL draft and we’ll be starting again next season, but that’s okay. We’ve got something to look forward to because we’ve been given something to be proud of. Snell, Allen, Bowden, and all the players going pro go with my warmest wishes for success and a big thanks for being part of the Wildcat family. Now, that’s the way to start a new year. Go Cats!