february 2, 2019

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“Never in the history of calm down has anyone calmed down by being told to calm down.” ~ Unknown


freshly sworn


Look at this face. I’m in love with this little guy. I must be to get up at 7am on a Saturday to have him at the vet. Nothing’s wrong, it was just time for the yearly visit for Wally and the cats. Everyone is very healthy, although after the morning’s visit, three of four of us are now on diets. Leo is not (and Aunt Millie was SO pleased with him without his eye). After a wonderful lunch and grocery shopping extravaganza with Stacy, the afternoon weather was so utterly perfect – a 70 +/- degree difference from Thursday – that Wally and I sat in the sun for a bit. Before long, feeling energized by the natural Vitamin D, Wally got his spring haircut, albeit super early. He’s such a good boy. He stands still and never makes a fuss. Is he not the most adorable face ever? I’m so glad we found each other. What a truly beautiful day. And hey, it was mom and dad’s 56th anniversary. Bonus!