april 3, 2019

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“My favorite thing about photography is how it helps me express things I could not say in words, cause I’m never good with words.” ~ Aia Solis


to the rescue


What do you do when the internet goes out? Why, you call emergency IT of course. The internet was spotty all over campus most of the morning. Up, down, up, down; one person in the room had it, the other person didn’t. It caused an early lunch. It also caused a lot of happy folks because it was a beautiful day and nobody wanted to be inside anyway. The point that really came home to roost, however, was just how much we depend on the internet to get things done. For instance, I do data transfers all day long, and without that network connection, I’m more than hobbled. I’m broke down and laying in the road. I also maintain a database that serves as our catalogue. No connection means no new records and no fixing old records. I communicate with multiple colleagues around the globe. No email, no communication. This sounds very frustrating, and on a normal day it might be, but today was not ordinary. It was an exquisite spring day in The Bluegrass. If that doesn’t lift your spirits, not much will, least of all an internet connection. I still got a lot of work done with the internet on Spring Break, and I got a giggle out of these emergency IT carts.