june 4, 2019

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“A few bad chapters does not mean your story is over.” ~ Unknown


world traveler (snapseed)


Today the lunch ladies ran into another lunch lady, world traveler, photographer, Spanish teacher, and librarian extraordinaire Benita Clarke. She recently returned from a trip to Cuba (good thing, too, since the orange menace stopped travel to Cuba just today). She went as part of a program called Workshops with Purpose. “Workshops With Purpose exists to equip media professionals with opportunities to grow their craft while serving in a global environment, immersing themselves in other cultures and realizing the power of relationships and storytelling in their business and personal life.” Benita is a long-time photographer, inheriting the love of the craft from her father. One of things I admire about her is she’s always learning and striving to be better. And she has the kind of open heart that would allow her to bring her best self to these kinds of workshops. I’m certain the folks in Cuba got as much joy from Benita as she brought home with her. She inspires me.