july 31, 2019

“Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself.” ~ Unknown     The Cumberland Gap. It’s such an interesting geological sight. There’s a line of tall mountains that, from the Tennessee side at least, are flanked by swooping glades that highlight them as if they are sentries. When white settlers were pushing westward that’s exactly what they were,

july 30, 2019

“You can’t give your life more time, so give the time you have more life.” ~ Unknown  

july 29, 2019

‘”Say, Pooh, why aren’t you busy?” I said. “Because it’s a nice day,” said Pooh. “Yes, but —” “Why ruin it?” he said. “But you could be doing something Important,” I said. “I am, ” said Pooh. “Oh? Doing what?” “Listening,” he said. “Listening to what?” “To the birds. And that squirrel over there.” “What are they saying?” I asked. “That it’s a nice day,” said Pooh. “But you know

july 28, 2019

“Beware of monotony. It’s the mother of all deadly sins.” ~ Edith Wharton     I love and adore the Family von Bartlett so much. They take care of Wally like he is their own and I am forever grateful. So is Wally. He loves the Family von Bartlett as much as I do. You can tell by the nose smears on the window they’re waving through. 

July 27, 2019

“People who command respect are never as widely known as people who command attention.” ~ Kathleen Rooney as Lilian Boxfish  

july 26, 2019

“Spend time with people who are good for your mental health.” ~ Unknown  

july 25, 2019

“You’ll never forget a person who came to you with a torch in the dark.” ~ M. Rose   Cumberland Gap (Snapseed) I hadn’t been to Cumberland Gap since I was super little. Mom, Dad, and I took a rare vacation back in the very early 1970’s that included Levi Jackson State Park, Cumberland Falls, some fake western Tombstone-esque cool town, and the Cumberland Gap. Today, Headed to another Rental

july 24, 2019

“The best thing about the worst time in your life is that you get to see the true colors of everyone.” ~ Unknown     I got to spend the day with this fella and his best gal, also known as Shero. We had a long day of doctors appointments that ended with a nice visit with Aunt Charlene and Uncle Tony. It was a tiring day but everybody got

july 23, 2019

“Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?” ~ Charles Bukowski     Today, I had the best visit with my sister from another mother Catherine Brereton. On this utterly gorgeous perfect temp summer day, we strolled around campus before settling on a bench in the President’s Yard. What a relaxed way to catch up with a friend and stretch one’s legs. We

july 22, 2019

“A good person can make another person good; it means that goodness will elicit goodness in the society; other persons will also be good.” ~ Bhumibol Adulyadej     Mears, or Mearsy as we’ll call him from now on, that’s guitarist Chris’ last name. I finally just asked as we sat around at another rousing night of rehearsal. Lots of laughs and some great music was played. Rori, the baby,