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the master


I’ve passed Paul Holbrook in the hallways of Special Collections more times that I can count. He is a gentle soul, a kind, soft-spoken man. He has taken really good care of the library’s finest gem, the King Library Press. The beautiful work he and his mighty team of volunteers (below) have created over the years is legendary. I’ve even got a few pieces in my personal collection. Today was a real treat, however. Our graduating student, Johannah Ball, received a special award last week that came with a print from the King Press. All this time she’d been working right above it, and yet she had no idea it was there. I promised to show her this week – which would have been little more than the two-dollar tour – but Ralph (in red), Paul, and the other volunteers gladly took up the charge and gave her the five-dollar tour instead. As they readied for an upcoming workshop, they walked her through the various presses, what they do, how they operate, and what they can produce. It was a beautiful moment when student meets master and what a pure delight it was to see. The King Press really is my favorite place in the library. Maybe one day I’ll have enough time to volunteer so Paul and the gang can to teach me a thing or two.



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