april 20, 2017

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“The only limits you have are the limits you believe.” ~ Wayne Dyer


double trouble


More library fun was had today with the annual student celebration. I ran into many sweet friends like Jen Bartlett and Shawn Livingston. Shawn and I had an engaging conversation before the festivities began, and Jen, of course, is the perfect hostess. I’ve always been proud of the library for treating student workers so well. I was very pleased that one of our students, Patricia Smith (below with Danielle Gabbard), was awarded the Outstanding Student Award for the excellent work she’s done with us. I must say this week has been kind and refreshing.


double trouble part two

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  1. Shirley Terry

    Say hello to Shawn……I remember him helping with yours and Stacy’s moving 10 years ago. Such a nice young gentleman.

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