august 11, 2019

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“Life may not be the party we’d hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.” ~ Unknown


watcher, protector


Annie Bassoni and I made a trip to Ohio to see (in Annie’s case meet) BFFs Eric and Bree Chapman. This protective dude at the entrance of Eric and Bree’s abode, The Rookery, caught me eye every time we walked through the door. I think he knew we were in for an incredible day. He was right on. The Chapman’s love rocks and Annie has recently discovered their fantasticalness as well. I thought it only fitting that they three should meet. And after much visiting we were treated to incredible burgers at Sammy’s in Blue Ash. If you’re in the southern Ohio area and you’re looking for incredible burgers, look no further than Sammy’s. Who knew mango on a burger with pepper jack cheese was a thing of heaven? Then it was off to see the Crystal Guy of Cincinnati where we spent over two hours looking at and learning about cool rocks and crystals. It was a beautiful day start to finish. Eric and Bree are two of the most welcoming, warm, open souls I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful for their friendships.

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  1. E

    We love you…
    and any chance to get to spend time (and eat awesome cheeseburgers) with you is worth a million dollars.

  2. Bree

    Kopana – having your friendship and love is one the greatest blessings in our lives! It was a wonderful day, we love Anne and we loved getting to share the day with you both. Can’t wait for the next visit! ?

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