august 22, 2012

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Be happy. It’s one way of being wise.” ~ Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

not goodbye, just so long

People walk into your life when you need them. They walk out when they’re ready to move on. And some, well, some are always there no matter the years or the miles. Esta’s moving on to greener pastures in Colorado. My wish is that she be happy always, in work and in play, and that she never forget us little people who love her so.

saying goodbye

Top photo, L-R: Esta’s tongue, Esta and Mary Beth Thompson, Esta and Stephanie Aken, Daniel Naas et al.

Bottom photo, right down and left: Crystal “don’t ever take pictures of people while they’re eating” Heis, Kathryn “look pensive” Lybarger, Shawn “get that effin’ thing out of my face” Livingston, Marie “it’s that camera again” Dale, David “meeting him for the first time…with food in his mouth” Powell, Mary Beth “I’m getting used to seeing you now” Thompson.

in it for the food

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