july 19, 2019

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“If you want to soar in life, you must learn to F.L.Y. (first love yourself).” ~ Mark Sterling


Mr. Australia


I made a great new friend this week. Dr. Paul Goldsbrough, from Canberra, Australia, was in Kentucky for a jazz workshop. When he’s not playing a mean jazz guitar, he’s lecturing in physics, but neither interest brought him to the Nunn Center. He came to us to immerse himself in archives, and immerse himself he did. We – all of us in the Nunn Center and a few others like our records archivist Ginny Daley – had a week chock full of great conversations with Paul. He was simply delightful; engaged, engaging, interested in everything, funny, witty, and smart as a whip. He’ll go back to Australia and build the archive he has been tasked to build, and I have no doubt it will be a brilliant beast that generations will use and deeply appreciate. That we got a friend out of the deal was a real bonus. It’s weeks like this that make me love what I do.


extreme close-up

july 18, 2019

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“If you see someone without a smile today, give ’em yours.” ~ Dolly Parton


dinner date


I hadn’t seen Annie Bassoni in a long time, too long frankly, so we made up for it with a long dinner at J. Gumbo’s on North Lime. I reckon Annie’s a regular because the super cool manager (below, whose name I don’t remember) called her by name and treated us like queens. I enjoyed the food a great deal and meeting Ms. I-Can’t-Remember-Her-Name, but my favorite part was catching up with Ms. Annie. A sweet, generous, tender soul if ever there was one on this earth. I’m honored to be her friend.


new friends

july 16, 2019

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“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is a spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” ~ Unknown


the man, the myth, the legend


It’s always a treat to see Gurney, and today, he dropped by for an interview with Emma Kiser and Kathryn Engle. It gave me the chance to return his copy of the Whole Earth Catalogue that he’d left with me several years ago when he interviewed dad. If you’re not familiar with Gurney’s Whole Earth Catalogue (WEC) significance, keep reading. WEC was a successful product of the California counterculture of the late 1960’s. Not only was Gurney a contributing writer and editor to WEC, his first bestselling novel – Divine Right’s Trip – was born from its pages. I believe the story goes that over the course of 1971 – one quarter page at a time across multiple issues – the novel was unveiled to readers. It was such a successful experiment that the pieces were gathered into a novel and released independent of the catalogue. That, too, was highly successful. Two other novels in WEC, by authors other than Gurney, were produced the same way. Sometimes I think Kentucky doesn’t realize what a treasure Gurney is to us. He was, and is, the kind of cool that transcends description. I’m always honored to be in his company.


three gooduns

july 15, 2019

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“Be the love you never received.” ~ Rune Lazuli


wild surprise


When I removed one of the large trees from my yard in preparation for the remodel, I left the area around it to grow wild because it was too late in the year to remove the stones without disturbing the snakes that take refuge in it. Really, though, it was because I didn’t want the bejeezuz scared out of me. Either way, I left it alone to become scruffy. But, you see, when nature is allowed to be her wild self, beautiful things happen. Look at this fabulous flower that graces my yard. I think I’ll turn it into a butterfly garden.

july 14, 2019

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“Let go of every thought that isn’t pushing your mind in a positive direction.” ~ Unknown


hilarity ensues (snapseed)


Sunday office (snapseed)


the stylish dudes (snapseed)


These guys make me so happy. I love holding Sunday office with them, and they never, ever disappoint. They’re all three so vastly different from each other, and yet they’re the perfect combination of awesome. I must rate to be in their club and boy am I lucky.

july 13, 2019

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“Stop being afraid of what can go wrong. Start being excited about what can go right.” ~ Tiny Buddha


family morning


Baby Rori is nine months old and it was time for our next session. We chose McConnell Springs as our backdrop, arriving early enough to beat the heat, most of the crowd, and still grab some delicious morning sun. I love this family so much. It did my heart good to be with them; to photograph their beautiful children and the love between them all. This photograph in particular is full of rainbow goodness, which pretty much sums up our time together. 

july 12, 2019

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“We meet no ordinary people in our lives. If you give them a chance, everyone has something amazing to offer.” ~ Unknown


the dude abides (snapseed)


The last two weeks have been especially tense around these parts for obvious reasons so I decided some self care was in order. I did what I do every year at this time and made my way to the Berea Craft Fair with Stacy Yelton, stopping for a delicious high-caloric breakfast along the way. This time, however, I got a great big surprise when I arrived. You know how I like to stalk Rebecca and David Campbell with my camera, sneaking up on them and snapping when they least expect it. My childhood BFF Ron Gevedon turned the tables on me. While I thought I was being clever snapping Becs and Dave, Ronnie was snapping me! He absolutely made my day. I have loved this man since we were children, and I admire so much his undying devotion to art, the making and appreciation of the craft, his own and that of others. He’s the real deal. 


old friends (snapseed)


West Liberty contingent (snapseed)


miss sweetness (snapseed)


Ronnie told me straight away that he’d run into another friend of mine earlier. A woman with a jewelry booth. I knew immediately it was Deb Cheanult. Stacy and I made our way to her booth, and upon seeing me she said, “Hey, there was a guy here that…” “Ron Gevedon!” I exclaimed. One of my all-time favorite things is when friends meet friends. One day, when we all have more time together, Ron and Deb will be BFFs, too. And that day is not too far off. Ronnie and I compared our countdowns to retirement today. I’m beyond proud and grateful that he and I have walked this journey together.


honorary Morgan Countian (snapseed)

july 11, 2019

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“The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us.” ~ Gabrielle Bernstein


launch pad (snapseed)


Today is Larry Ash’s birthday. On this day for the last 19 years I am reminded that I quit smoking. I went to the American Cancer Society’s cigarette calculator, plugged in 2 packs a day – the amount I used to smoke – and 19 years. I have not smoked 13,880 packs or 277,590 cigarettes over the last 19 years. According to Quit Now, that’s a savings of $69,350.00. And that’s how I’ve saved for my home remodel. I think that’s a great gift for staying alive.

july 10, 2019

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“Don’t let anyone treat you like free salsa. You are guacamole, Baby. You. Are. Guacamole.” ~ Unknown


time to go home (snapseed)


Today, me and Hero sprang Shero from her most recent rehab stint. Off we went on a beautiful day back to the comforts of their mountain home. Here’s hoping they can keep it together and continue to heal so we can go have many more adventures.


back in the comfort zone (snapseed)
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