may 6, 2019

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“I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” ~ Hafiz


the top of the top


Those Shakers with their simple symmetry. In all the times I’ve been in the Trustee’s Building I had never gone to the top floor until the Rental Sister trip. This is what I found. Such simple beauty.

april 29, 2019

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“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” ~ Willie Nelson




If I’m not mistaken, many years ago, Andrea and Erin were roomies when they were both going through UK’s undergraduate theater program. Look at this top photo. Don’t they look like they’re in the throes of some serious thespian dialog? Both  women are so expressive. They’re expressive in their faces, actions, voices. They’re eat up with expression! And it’s a real travesty that I don’t get to hang with Andrea very much (because she lives in NKY raising an NBA team). Everybody loves Big A, and rightfully so. She’s one in a million, just like Erin. No wonder they’re still BFFs after all this time.


Big A

april 27, 2019

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“Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.” ~ Unknown


gathering ’round the birthday gal


I had the honor of celebrating Erin Chandler’s trip around the sun with her and some of the most interesting women I know. Seriously: every woman at the table had an inspiring story of life. Erin, being one of these women, made her own birthday dinner and had party gifts for her guests which included a book she personally chose for each of us. I was really touched by these acts of kindness. It’s a very cool thing to do to entertain people you love on your birthday. We laughed, we talked, we ate hearty, and most importantly, we spent quality time with Erin who looked more beautiful than I’ve seen her in a long time. She inspires me every day and I’m incredibly proud of the work she’s doing these days. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for her because her light continues to shine brightly in our world. Happy Birthday, Erin. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I’m proud to be your friend.

april 16, 2019

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“Push harder than yesterday if you want a different tomorrow.” ~ Unknown


the master


I’ve passed Paul Holbrook in the hallways of Special Collections more times that I can count. He is a gentle soul, a kind, soft-spoken man. He has taken really good care of the library’s finest gem, the King Library Press. The beautiful work he and his mighty team of volunteers (below) have created over the years is legendary. I’ve even got a few pieces in my personal collection. Today was a real treat, however. Our graduating student, Johannah Ball, received a special award last week that came with a print from the King Press. All this time she’d been working right above it, and yet she had no idea it was there. I promised to show her this week – which would have been little more than the two-dollar tour – but Ralph (in red), Paul, and the other volunteers gladly took up the charge and gave her the five-dollar tour instead. As they readied for an upcoming workshop, they walked her through the various presses, what they do, how they operate, and what they can produce. It was a beautiful moment when student meets master and what a pure delight it was to see. The King Press really is my favorite place in the library. Maybe one day I’ll have enough time to volunteer so Paul and the gang can to teach me a thing or two.



march 16, 2019

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“Never trust someone who isn’t kind to animals.” ~ Unknown


KY Market


1. Annie Bassoni and sweet, sweet artist friend Katie Swartz from Mason, Ohio.
2. Artist and BFF Deb Chenault selling her wares as Annie and Jeanne Marie Hibberd (and my forehead) look on
3. The totally awesome maker of the coolest crows ever, artist Steve Heartsill
4. Longtime BFFs and artists David and Rebecca Miller Campbell were surprised that I didn’t have the large camera. I like to keep them guessing!
5. The Morgan County Corner of Kentucky Market was more than well represented with photographer Dean Hill next door to David and Rebecca. They make Morgan County proud.
6. Mary Barber, whom I had not seen in easily 40+ years, recognized my name as Annie yelled “Kopana, I’m going to the restroom.” I grew up and went through school with Mary’s youngest sisters, and graduated with the baby of the Barber Clan, Cynthia. It was absolutely wonderful to catch up with her.
7. Yours truly entered these photos in the KY Arts Council’s Veterans traveling exhibit. This is the second time I’ve had work in an exhibit that ended up at The Market. #proud
8. Annie and an adorable cup made by Katie. It was a gorgeous day in the Bluegrass, a perfect day to see beautiful art and wonderful friends. I call this day a win.

march 9, 2019

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“Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive. It’ll take their breath away.” ~ Unknown




I paid a visit to my friend LaTosha Hall at The Clock Shop where she’s been apprenticing when she’s not working at UK. I took along my new macro lens for a closer look at gears and such. It did not disappoint. I love this kind of little adventure. There’s no end to glorious things to photograph in this unique shop. Thanks, Tosha, for letting me enjoy your super cool gig.


the clock maker

march 5, 2019

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“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe” ~ Unknown


good words


Poor Richard’s Books in Frankfort, Kentucky is one of the best little bookstores going. I picked up a copy of C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity when we were there after our KHS tour a couple of weeks ago. They have a wide selection of Kentucky authors and great kitschy stuff like adorable finger puppets. And you can’t beat the railroad tracks out front for the ambiance.

march 2, 2019

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“We tend to think of age only in time, but I don’t think it has much to do with time at all; there’s a whole load of other things. I’ve met 16-year-olds who are old and 90-year-olds who are young.” ~ Roger Daltrey


strange herd


Stacy and I were near the Man-O-War/Blazer Parkway area when we simultaneously saw this sight, saying a subtle “wow” in unison, vowing to return when our business was complete. And so we did. At least one of the horses looks as if it was part of the Horses Mania project years ago (the first was in 2000, the sequel in 2010), but it’s possible both horses came from that project. I have no idea what the buffalo is about. I noticed that the buffalo and one of the horses both have yellow eyes. I don’t know what that’s about either. If anybody in the Lexington area knows more about this unusual statuary triptych, tell me. It’s bound to be a good story.


really strange
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