july 21, 2012

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Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” ~ Wayne Dyer

I’m so glad we had this time together

I’m starting my trip down Weight Watcher Lane on Monday. To go out the fat door with a bang(er), me and Stacy Yelton waddled to The Pub for dinner. Our premise for going out at all was Beth Burden; a woman with a voice as silky as The Pub’s Jamaican Cheesecake. It had been way too long since I’d last heard her sing. The look on her face when she realized who was behind the camera was totally worth the 2500 calories. I won’t wait so long to hear this songbird again, although I’ll have a salad next time, I’m sure.

june 23, 2012

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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

beautiful music

Saturday with dear friends, looking at great art, eating good food, and listening to soothing music by Warren Byrom at Francisco’s Farm art festival makes for a brilliant day. Midway: I’ve fallen head over heels in love with you.

catching the train

june 16, 2012

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Good things are coming down the road, just don’t stop walking.” ~ Unknown

a kinder soul

Could anything make the weekend better after meeting my friend Mary? Only one thing and that was also meeting my friend, Ken Bailey, for the first time in person. Some people come into your life through unusual avenues, but their light shines as bright as if they had walked through your front door. Ken Bailey, like Mary, is one of those people. I also met his son, singer-songwriter Daniel Bailey. He’s as kind and warm as his dad and they’re both SO funny! As a bonus, Mary, Cricket, and Stacy Yelton were along for the ride. If there was any more goodness and light today I think it would have to be the light – it was just that awesome and I am just that thankful!

the sun

may 31, 2012

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If you look deep enough you will see music; the heart of nature being everywhere music.
~ Thomas Carlyle

singing shoes

People come into your life when you need them. They nurture you. They guide you. They listen to you. They scold you. They love you. Mentors. Your paths merge for a time; maybe a short time, maybe forever. Regardless of how the paths separate, there’s no denying your life – and theirs, too, probably – is richer for the journey. I’m a very lucky woman in that both of these mentors are still in my life. To say thanks would fall painfully short of their gifts. So, I’ll just share their pictures and let you fill in the rest.

outlasting the jerks

Happy retirement Becky Ryder! (above) Welcome back to your destiny, Kiya Heartwood! (below)

happiness personified

may 30, 2012

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If we all threw our problems into one big pile and saw everyone else’s, we would probably quickly grab our own back.” ~ Lori at Hippie Peace Freaks

we should all be so happy

On the heels of my 2-Pony gathering comes my sister from another mother, Kiya Heartwood. She’s touring on her first solo CD in nearly 20 years. She has a gig in Lexington tomorrow night at Natasha’s. Me and this ‘ol gal have been through the war together; the music business war, that is. We got beaten and banged in battle but, they didn’t kill us, try as they might. It’s true what they say: that which does not kill us, makes us stronger. It’s also the tie that binds.

february 12, 2012

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“‘It’s impossible‘, said Pride. ‘It’s risky‘, said Experience. ‘It’s pointless‘, said Reason. ‘Give it a try‘, whispered Love.” ~ Unknown

when songwriters smile

Me and Erin Chandler are taking guitar lessons. We decided last week during our first Happiness Project meeting. She enlisted Warren Byrom to teach us. What a brave, warm, and kind soul he is. I connected with him right away.

This first guitar lesson – this conscious act to put music back in my life – ironically came the day after Whitney Houston died. We were label mates on Arista in the 1980’s. We never met. No matter; if you were on Arista, then you were keenly aware of her and, more significantly, Clive Davis’ controlling interest in her.

I don’t think about Clive very often. I did today. Music comes from a place of pure love. It is not a machine. It was never meant to be a pretender’s play thing. Whitney’s voice was of God, of that I have zero doubt. I trust in death that she has found peace. I’m really sorry she didn’t survive to find it in this world. I thank God me and Kiya and thousands of others did.

grasshopper learns

january 9, 2012

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“March on!  Take no prisoners!” Gordon Hogg

time to drum (snapseed)

Late last night I received an email from my friend, Gordon. For my birthday he usually sends historical front pages from the New York Times for January 8. This year he sent an article about composer, Roger Sessions. It talked about a concerto Sessions had written in the 1940’s which he’d been asked to rewrite, yet refused to do.  Gordon prefaced his emailed article with the words below. It was one of the most empowering letters I’ve ever gotten.

“Happy Birthday!  For your enjoyment, here’s the story of an unusual piece of music and its intelligent, uncompromising creator, someone not unlike yourself.  As a matter of fact, inspired by this news feed, I am listening to the Sessions Concerto as I write this–brave, lyrical, tough music, but rewarding to know.  Again, much like you.  I hope your day has been a good one.  March on!  Take no prisoners!”

Today’s picture is a drum set that Gordon and his wife, Becky, gave me years ago to keep me company at work. You see, Gordon, too, is a drummer and a damn fine one. God bless you, Gordon, for many things not the least of which is being someone who gets me!

january 7, 2012

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nandina in winter

What an absolutely wonderful birthday eve. Last night was spent with friends, old and new, bar hopping around Lexington to hear some fantastic music that’s coming out of here again; Coralee and the Townies, Paul Kopasz, and Warren Byrom and the Canelands. I saw many friends while I was out, some I hadn’t seen in over 25 years! This reminds me of just how many new, and already very significant, friends I’ve made since last year’s birthday. KT Violets (pseudonym), Jimmy Duckworth, Deb Chenault, Mary Carroll-Hackett, and Ken Bailey just to name a few. Last night alone I met Erin Chandler and Jeanne Marie Hibberd, two people that I suspect will be around for a long time to come. How much more fortunate can a woman be? I must be doing something right.

In light of last night’s wonderment, I’ll add the following photo which was taken yesterday on my iPhone and processed with the app Camera+. It’s gotten a lot of comments of facebook so, why not add it here for further enjoyment! I’ve had several important conversations over the last year about art and technology with Robert Shinn, Larry Evans, Lisa Banyai, Crystal Heis, and Jimmy Duckworth. So much inspiration that I nearly burst with happiness sometimes. I really am doing something right.

a great night turned into day

This morning started with coffee and cherry cupcakes courtesy of my rental sister, Pam Bick, along with a great compress thingie (that’s the technical term). Then, because this was an unusually warm day for winter, I threw open the windows and streamed some delicious Joni Mitchell tunes through the house. Lots of football playoff games, a UK Basketball win over SC, and even a long visit with my chainsaw wielding neighbor – lovingly nicknamed Chainsaw Charlie – has made for a heartwarming and thoughtful day.

Finally, I went with Stacy Yelton to pick up her newly framed Max paw print made by Southland Vet Hospital upon his passing. Letha Drury at South Hill Gallery did a great job and was so compassionate and kind to Stacy. I just had to mention it because the emotional connection some of us feel with our animal friends/family should be acknowledged and often. Some are God’s little ambassadors, I think, here to remind us that unconditional love really does exist.

Stacy, Letha, and Max (TiltSiftGenerator app)
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