august 14, 2018

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“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” ~ Muhammad Ali


approaching storm


So, the thing that surprised me most about harness racing was the gate. I was expecting a stationary gate, the horses get in, the gate opens, the horses run, and then a tractor hauls the gate directly off the track. No. With harness racing, at least this harness race, the horses are behind a gate attached to a moving car that looks like a 1970’s model hearse, and when the car gets to the finish post, it suddenly speeds away and the horses start racing. Wasn’t expecting that at all. I have no idea where the car went. I got distracted by something else around me and didn’t see it. 




break out


Thoroughbreds have tattoos inside their upper lips to prevent theft either at the track, or sales, or another public venue. You would never see it unless you fold back their upper lip. I didn’t notice the tattoo on these horses until I processed the photos. I say tattoo but, really, it looks more like an ID that’s been painted on to their hair beneath their manes. If someone out there knows if this is a permanent ID I’d be interested to know. I’m going to enjoy shooting more of this harness racing business. 


four off the floor

august 13, 2018

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“Give to every human being every right that you claim for yourself” ~ Robert Green Ingersoll


more than a nose


Before the skies opened Saturday evening they were able to run a single horse race. I’d never seen harness racing before, but I can see that it will afford me a cool op to practice with movement. In case you can’t tell (because weird things happen when I downsize for the blog), the lead horse’s head is in focus though nothing else is. I love that kind of thing. I shot a couple like this Saturday. I can’t wait to shoot more.

august 12, 2018

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“Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house…Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.” ~ Mother Teresa


guitar men


I’ve known Fred Sexton (seated) and Neil Sturgill for more than 20 years. We’ve played some good music over that time, and now we get to do it again. Our rehearsals have been sporadic, but every time we’ve managed to make it happen I’ve been tickled to be with them more than they’ll ever really know. I look forward to our Sunday rehearsals at Jeff’s (Yurkoski at the keys) even when we can’t all be there (not pictured are Pat and Travis…because they weren’t there). Their good humor and patient musicianship are like a balm to my soul. And some of the twangy, bluesy mad riffs they play just makes me smile way down deep like nothing else can. They couldn’t have walked into my life at a better time, and thanks to Jeff, I’ve got a kit ready for playing. I just have to walk in. How did I get so lucky?


3/5 a band

august 11, 2018

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“I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers – if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door.” ~ Marla Gibbs 


grandma & granddog


I’ve been looking forward to today’s Dachshund races at The Red Mile. I’d never been to the Red Mile grandstand or watched harness racing. Plus, Dachshund races! How could you not want to see that, especially when your BFF entered her dog! 


the fam


Crystal had been training her little bitty doxie, Mayzie, for the race over the past week. The enthusiasm grew, and so did the party. Crystal’s parents, her aunt Jeanette, grandma Lucy, and cousin Speedy drove down from Ohio for the event. Annie, Jen and Abby Bartlett, Stacy, and I were all in attendance, too. Then we ran into Tamara Bayer and her friend Hope. Mayzie’s entire fan club was on hand. 


heat three wasn’t to be


Mayzie was placed in heat three of four. The top winner from each would compete in the fifth race for the trophy: a bronze statuette of, wait for it, a dachshund. Did I mention there was a horse race between each doxie race? Bonus! It was shaping up to be the perfect evening of fun. Then the storm clouds gathered, the lightening struck, the skies opened up, and the track became a river. We waited nearly an hour for it to let up, but one by one we filed out of the clubhouse and into our cars as the rain continued. The event was postponed until August 23. That’s a Thursday and the Ohio contingent will not be able to make a repeat appearance. I’m determined to double the fan base to make up for their absence because I’m certain Mayzie is going to earn her mama that cute little bronze prize. Gosh, I sure love the Heis family. Rain or not, it was great to hug their collective necks. Some of the finest people I’ve ever known.

august 10, 2018

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“Sometimes you know you’ve made the right decision simply because of how hard it is.” ~ Sara J. Henry


a pair


This duck pair floating down Town Branch were so cute. They weren’t the only ducks in the creek. It was lively with ducks and fish…and trash, unfortunately. I’m looking forward to Town Branch Commons beautifying the water and surroundings so more fish and fowl can thrive. Less trash, more flash. 

august 9, 2018

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“Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear you path.” ~ Unknown


winner (snapseed)


Today, Amber Sergent and two other Kentucky high school teachers of history and civics were awarded the Earle C. Clements Award for Innovation in Education. I met Amber several years ago when she was transcribing oral histories. We hit it off immediately. She’s super smart and hilariously funny. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of watching her young family grow up and her career as a teacher bloom into something truly inspiring. She gave a brief but powerful speech at the awards ceremony about her students and the value of education in growing children into responsible adults. Even if I hadn’t know her before that speech, I would have known after it why she won the award and why teachers like her are so important to our nation and global society. Afterward, I gave her a hug and told her she did not suck. She understood that to be a compliment of the highest order, and vowed to use it for others who also do not suck. This understanding, among many others, is precisely why we are friends. I could be more proud, and no one deserved that award more than she did. For the record, Amber, you do not suck.

august 8, 2018

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“Happiness is not solitary; It joys to communicate, it loves others, for it depends on them for its existence.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson




After we had ice cream at Crank and Boom last Sunday, we waddled down to Goodfella’s Pizza. I’d heard they were in the old Pepper Distillery, but I didn’t realize how much of the old building they’d left intact. Wow!




First of all, the place is big and open but not loud, which was pretty amazing. Second, they left some of the coolest parts of the distillery in place, and then used them as part of the decor to incredible effect. Third, the food was fantastic; pizza slices bigger than your head and breadsticks so big they fold them in half to get them on your plate and they’re still dripping off the sides. 


no corner in this silo


I assume the concrete and brick silo was for grain, but today you can eat your pizza and watch TV from a cushy sofa-like seat inside it. The lighting in the silo was very cool, and the sunlight through the silo’s windows (top photo) provided a gorgeous effect. Naturally, they serve bourbon, and they have a nice display behind the bar beneath the grain shoot. They also built a fantastic mezzanine level with a pool table and more intimate seating for the late night dating crowds. So, yea, this impressive reuse from the past of one of Kentucky’s finest exports was part of our awesome Sunday. Well done, Distillery District!


building 13


august 7, 2018

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“Persistence: When determination exceeds doubt.” ~ Unknown


Box my jaws


Is this not one of the most beautiful, intelligent cats you’ve ever seen? He chose Catherine and Susan. He appeared one day on their porch. He kept returning. They had a box on the porch that he took to like a…cat in a box (I was gonna say duck to water but species mixing didn’t seem fair). He became known as Box Cat. It wasn’t long before he wormed his way into their hearts so deeply that indoor cat became the only option. He passed all the tests and now he owns the place like a boss. He is the most welcoming host imaginable. He doesn’t like cameras. I knew immediately we would be great friends.

august 6, 2018

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“Hate is heavy. Let it go.” ~ Unknown


my best, large side


Ann Bassoni may be the queen of practical jokes. Yesterday, we’re driving home from the Distillery District when she says, “Hey, Catherine and Susan live right here. Let’s stop.” Naturally, we all say okay. Then Annie says, “Okay, listen. We knock on the door and ask if they have any fresh baked goods. If they say no, we just leave. Don’t say anything. Just get back in the car.” Naturally, we all say okay. We go to the door and knock. A totally disheveled Susan answers. It was obvious that she’d been trying to enjoy a Sunday afternoon nap. “Do you have any fresh baked goods?” Annie asks with a straight face. Bleary-eyed Susan replies, “Uh… no,” and the four of us immediately turn around and head back to the car…except Stacy. She took maybe four steps before I heard, from behind me because, you know, I’m headed to the car with Crystal and Annie, “Wait, are we really gonna leave her?” Well, yea, we were. That was the point. Stacy’s reaction was as funny as Susan’s. So we go inside for a few minutes, and before we left, we tried a self timer picture since none of us had had showers and four of us had been in the scorching heat for hours. Yes, we were all looking our very best. Perfect time for a photo. My friends love me, but they do occasionally give me no small amount of grief over the photos I choose to post of them. Of all the pictures I could post from our drive-by visit yesterday, I chose this one because I owe my friends a little something in return for not killing me over their photos. I think it’s my best side.  <snort>

august 5, 2018

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“As always, the message is the same: make today count.” ~ Vicki Caroline Cheatwood


why, yes, they do have coconut ice cream


I spent 90% of Saturday working, either on work work or chores around the house. This morning, after coffee, I clipped Wally (a really good job I might add) and resigned myself to another day of work. Then I got a text from Annie Bassoni. She had a plan that included ice cream. She picked me up, we drove to Stacy’s and picked her up, then drove to Crystal’s and picked her up. Off we went to Crank and Boom in the Distillery District. It’s a favorite for three of us, and Stacy had never been. Now, she has!


this is my ice cream


why are you eyeing my ice cream?




Our day ended up being far longer than just an ice cream social. We enjoyed our ice cream, as you can see, but we laughed and perambulated about the district until we wandered in to Goodfella’s Pizza where we were treated once again to deliciousness and laughter and conversation like balm for the soul. We even had a hysterically funny sidetrack to Catherine and Susan’s on the way home (a post for another day). When I did finally get home I thanked God and the Universe for this day and these women who made me stop working and laugh. They are keepers. 


sunday sundae

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