february 18, 2017

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“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness, and just be happy.”
~ Guillaume Apollinaire


march to the west


UK’s Army ROTC outstanding in their field at sunset. I sure hope these young men and women never see combat. I enjoy their evening maneuvers. They;re good kids. 

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  1. Shirley Terry

    “Hup-two-three-four~~~~Hup-two-three-four—-eyes right – salute”.
    Yes, I pray for these young kids and our men and women now serving and those who have served.
    I still remember these cadences and loved every minute of it. I marched very proudly in honor of our great country. Too bad I couldn’t reach my goal. Oh well………
    Thanks baby for recognizing our country’s finest – our military.

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