february 24, 2019

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“At the end of it all, when we look back on our lives, we won’t take a mental inventory of the dollars we earned, followers we gained, or items we checked off our to-do list. What we’ll see is a mélange of moments—times when we loved, connected, got outside our comfort zone, and engaged with world with wonder and enthusiasm. These moments generally don’t just fall into our laps. We have to actively create them.” ~ Lori Deschene


turtles all the way down


The only real problem with the weekend is that two days isn’t enough. Nevertheless, I’ll take it and be grateful for the rest and the chance to cook. There are some things you just can’t cook on a work night, like a roasted chicken. I learned to roast a chicken from Julia Child, and lawdy, it’ll make ya wanna slap your granny it’s so good. It’s not exactly cal-free, but it’s extremely healthy so I’m willing.

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