february 3, 2016

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“Your job in this world is to be the very best person that you can be, with no excuses and no complaints.”
~ Unknown


make a face for Andrea (snapseed)
make a face for Andrea (snapseed)


I’m getting to know Kyle Macy a little more every time I see him. Today, I learned we have a mutual friend in Andrea Sayer-Brook. Apparently, I’ve been living in a cave because I didn’t realize they did a morning show together some years ago (props to Stacy Yelton for telling me). So, when I said to Kyle that we should do a silly face selfie for Andrea, he gladly obliged. It makes me laugh! I’m going to remember this day and this funny man who helped make it a lot better. God bless people with a sense of humor. They’re my kind of people. Kyle is my kind of people.

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