february 3, 2018

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“Every encounter we have with another human being
offers the opportunity for profound connection and transformation.” ~ Unknown




Today, was a rare treat of late. I got to have lunch with Jeanne Marie Hibberd. She, Annie Bassoni, Stacy Yelton, and I met at Willie’s Locally Known. I had not been to Willie’s new location even though it’s within walking distance of my house. The decor is fabulous, and despite the large, open seating, we could hear one another: Bonus! But more importantly, I got to spend time with JM whom I rarely get to see these days. Is she not one of the most beautiful people you’ve ever seen? She’s got the spirit to match her looks, too, and that’s what I adore most about her. She’s thoughtful, smart, conscientious. She works at being a better person. She tries hard to be good to everyone, and she tries hard to be good to, and for, the world. She’s a positive contribution to our society and I’m proud of her for that and so much more. Our visit was way too short, but any time I get to spend with these gals is time well spent indeed. I’m grateful for every moment with them.


half the tribe (JM’s best face ever)

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