february 6, 2020

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“Replacing ‘Why is this happening to me?’ with ‘What is this trying to tell me?’ has been a game changer for me.” ~ Unknown

original carpet

There are so many interesting things along a riverbank. Moss is one of my all-time favorite things. When I was little I used to play behind Lula’s house, my grandmother’s neighbor. The way it was shaped by a small addition made for a perfect playhouse, and because it was a few feet from the creek and shaded throughout the day, there was an abundance of moss. My mother once told me that she and her sister used to tear moss in sheets and patch it together as carpet in their playhouses. It’s a shame such a wistful memory can be interrupted by trash. Not that there’s not a certain kind of beauty in found objects, shall we say, but there is so much of it along the banks of the Licking River that it pretty much ends the fascination full stop. Nevertheless, I shall love my moss in all forms, in any location, and have only fond memories of my little playhouse behind Lula’s.

not original at all

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