february 7, 2017

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“Be kind, there is really, after all, nothing else worth doing and all others things done, if done without kindness, are unlikely to bring to harvest the hope with which the deed was begun.” ~ Mark Davis


shadow twins (snapseed)


Back in December, after the library’s holiday lunch at Commonwealth Stadium, Crystal and I walked back to the office. It’s funny how often she and I are on the same page. It can be a good page or a bad page. Today, we were on a bad page. For me, technology has been utterly atrocious at work for the last two weeks, and today it bit Crystal, too. So, there we were in my office trading complaints. I would really miss her if one of us left UK. I found this photo from that walk we had in December and it reaffirmed that thought. My life is so much richer with her as my friend. Her little kindnesses, that silly laugh, big brain, and mad cooking skills are just what I need to get me through a day job (I’m so unsuited to a day job it’s kind of scary that I can do it at all). I don’t know what I’d do without her.

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