june 11, 2016

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“If you’re ever feeling lonely just look at the moon.
Someone, somewhere is looking right at it, too.”
~ Unknown


saying goodbye (snapseed)
saying goodbye (snapseed)


Yesterday was Stacie Williams’ (center) last day at UK. She’s moving on to greener pastures in Cleveland with her husband and beautiful son, Sheridan. Of course we couldn’t let her go without a fire alarm. There we all were in the hot shade, waiting for the fire department to give the all clear, as poor Stacie sweltered in the heat of a baby (Sheridan’s brother) that’s just about ready to call this planet home. Stacie is a great person, an kind colleague, and most importantly, an intelligent voice at the table. Thank you for being part of us, Stacie. I’m going to miss your spark.

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