“Instead of imagining everything that could go wrong, imagine what an amazing adventure it could be.” ~ Lori Deschene




Shero is back at UK Chandler Medical Center in Lexington. Late yesterday -with dinner ready and on the table- she let the dogs out, got dizzy, lunged head-first onto the porch, grabbed the pillar for a twist and shout pole dance before landing on the edge of the concrete. The result? A broken pelvis on the same side as the broken leg with ensuing mega-hip nearly two years ago. Being Shero, she’s an exemplary patient. Everyone loves her and treats her great. The doctors, nurses, orderlies, even the folks in housekeeping at UK are beyond fantastic. She’s been at UK Chandler so much in the last two years they ought to name a wing after her. When they came to take her for an echocardiogram, the space where her bed should be looked barren. I prefer the space with her in it. Better still, I prefer her healthy and laughing and out in the world enjoying her golden years. Don’t we all want that for our loved ones? We do. The doctors haven’t yet decided if surgery is necessary or if three months of PT will do the trick. Maybe tomorrow we’ll know, and the healing can begin again. 


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