june 8, 2016

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“Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker.” ~ Zig Ziglar


wall art
wall art


In April, Aunt Janet marked the third year in her new house. Soon after she moved in my colleague and quilting artist, Sarah Vaughan, created a beautiful wall hanging to hide the hideous grey electrical panel the builders put in the living room (why they thought that was a good idea is beyond me). The quilt was several inches short so that the panel was still visible. She offered to fix it. I got a huge surprise today when she walked into my office with – not the altered original – a whole new creation. It’s based on her original design except I think this one is even better. While Sarah was busy praising my patience, I was busy praising her artistry. These pictures really don’t do the quilt justice, but believe me, it’s as beautiful as can be. From Janet, my folks, and myself, thank you, Sarah, for your tenacity and big heart.

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