“[Say] ‘What can I do today, not what I can’t.'” ~ Nancy Vickers


Shero’s Hero


Thanks to each and every one who have sent well wishes for Shero by whatever means you sent them. Today’s update: Surgery still hasn’t been ruled out for a few reasons and we continue to be in limbo. Meanwhile, Shero continues to do her part to be an exceptional patient, doing everything she’s asked in order to get better, and being in generally good humor (the pain killers help with that). What’s clear is that, with out without surgery, the recovery time for a broken pelvis is quite long and requires extensive PT. What’s also clear is that Hero and Shero are as connected as any two people I’ve ever known. They’re inspiring for so many reasons, not the least of which is what true love can endure. They’re so sweet together. 



    1. Prayers for Gods healing hand and knowledge of her doctors to make all the right decisions!!! Hugs and prayers!!

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