march 11, 2014

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Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” ~ Stephen Hawking

post card vacation (instagram)
post card vacation (instagram)

It was a gorgeous day. One would expect an outhouse photo of some beautiful outdoor scene; budding trees, wispy blue sky, dogs playing, teens on skateboards, or just the Vitamin D starved hordes that took to the sidewalks as if they’d never seen the sun. Instead, here’s my Eden House post card from Jeanne Marie Hibbard that arrived today from Key West. I love post cards. No, that’s not enough. I adore, adore, adore post cards. JM took time out to make sure I got one, and a sexy retro one at that. This sort of gesture does not go unnoticed. After I’ve amassed a good number of post cards I sometimes create art from them. It takes years to make one piece. However, I think the real art from this post card was today. It brought with it the warmth and sunlight of The Keys. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I caught the scent of a salty ocean on the breeze. Thanks for sending some spring to us, JM, and thanks a million for thinking of me.

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