march 12, 2019

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“The world can be amazing when you’re slightly strange.” ~ Unknown




Friend, fellow Appalachian, and Associate Director of the Appalachian Center, Kathryn Engle, wanted to bring her students to Special Collections for show and tell. The best show and tell artists in the building are Matt Strandmark and Megan Mummey (below). They talk to classes all the time – Matt teaches dozens of classes each year – and they know our collections better than just about anyone. They regaled the students with archival stories and artifacts before we talked about oral history. The students then got a tour of our various facilities. I think they had a good time. I know I did. I never get to attend these classes, so it was really good for me to hear my colleagues talk about what they do and what they know. Plus, if we’re talking Appalachia, I’m all about it. My homeland. My people. My heart.



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