march 16, 2017

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“I still believe that peace and plenty and happiness can be worked out some way. I am a fool.”
~ Kurt Vonnegut


a friend’s work


A while back my friend Pam Oldfield Meade and fellow artist Lacy Hale completed a large mural in Jenkins just as you come into town off Hwy 23. We drove by it yesterday on our Pikeville/Whitesburg field trip. Naturally, I pulled over. Pam has worked for decades to keep the arts alive in Eastern Kentucky. This mural is just the latest endeavor. She’s responsible for a lot of kids being exposed to art and music who don’t even realize they would have missed out if it wasn’t for her. You first met Pam was back in 2013 when she was trying to help me show some of my work at Cannel City. That wasn’t the first time she’d bent over backwards to help me. I don’t know why she believes in me the way she does, but she’s like that with a lot of people, not just me. She’s the water that lifts all boats. I don’t know how to repay someone so selfless and giving as Pam, but I sure am grateful for her. 

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