march 22, 2019

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“Out with the old
In with the new.
Winds of change
I welcome you.”
~ Unknown


does anyone really know what time it is?


When the calendar turned over to 2019 I knew I was going to change some things. The most immediate thing I changed was cutting back on the outhouse. Now, I’m reading more, listening to a lot more music, and I’m not sitting in front of my computer very much at night. The most recent change is paying attention to my physical health. For the first time in my life my blood pressure is on the cusp of being high, and coincidentally, I’ve developed a nasty case of plantar fasciitis so I walk like an old woman. Both of these are unacceptable. UK recently revamped the old Alumni Gym into an incredible workout facility, so I joined and started walking 30 minutes a day on the treadmill. I just started this week – thanks to Crystal Heis for being my gym buddy – and I’m easing into the routine. Strangely, I’m loving it. Already I feel better. My foot doesn’t, but the rest of me does. Baby steps. I’ll take it.

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