march 25, 2018

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“Just because you can’t see the seeds that lie deep in the ground, it doesn’t mean they aren’t growing.
Everything blooms in its own time.” ~ Unknown


palm cross (snapseed)


I went with Stacy to Palm Sunday services at St. Raphael Episcopal Church. I’d been to St. Raphael only once before, just last year, and not for service, but to attend an artist reception for Lori-Lyn Hurley. I’d met interim priest at the time, Rev. Karen Booth, and she was wonderful. I never made it back to her her speak, but we thought she was still there for today’s services. She wasn’t. Instead, as it happened, this was the first service for St. Raphael’s new rector, Rev. Canon Dr. Helen Van Koevering, or Rev. Van Helen as Stacy later coined her. I nearly spit out my tea when she did. Now, Rev. Van Koevering will forever be known to me as Rev. Van Helen no matter what. Jokes aside, this really was her first Sunday at the church. You can read more about her here. I felt bad that she was sort of thrown in the deep end, but honestly, she did a fantastic job. Her sense of humor was apparent from the start, and that, of course, won me over right away. Her message was a good one. Stacy talked to her for a very long time afterward, and I was impressed with how deeply she listened and how warmly she welcomed Stacy to drop by anytime throughout the week. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a priest or preacher throw their doors so wide open. That is Christlike and a breath of fresh air. I’m not Episcopalian, but I’ll go back, and I’ll be welcomed. 

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