march 5, 2018

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“To be aware that you are still alive, that you are walking on
this beautiful planet—that is a form of enlightenment.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


sneaky devil(s)


You know how I love to sneak up on David and Rebecca Campbell when they’re at a festival, right? KY Crafted was no different, except it took Rebecca an unusually long time to see me. It took her so long that Annie went to the opposite side of the booth and made faces at her… and she still didn’t notice. I was beginning to think she’d been replaced by an actress or a droid. But, as evidenced in the last image, she did finally come around albeit reluctantly. She later called us “devils,” as in sneaky devils. I took it as a compliment. I’ll tell you this for sure, Dave and Rebecca are just about the sweetest, smartest, most gifted people I know. I look at Dave sometimes and wonder how I got so lucky to know him as a little boy and now call him friend as an adult. I don’t care how I got lucky so long as I did because I wouldn’t trade these two for nothing. 


a different selfie

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