may 1, 2015

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“The more evolved you become, the less you will agree or disagree with others, and the more you will gently sift through the fullness of what people are offering and gratefully take only what you need.”
~ Bryant McGill


blooming lilac (snapseed)
blooming lilac (snapseed)


One of the things I wanted most when I bought my house was a lilac bush. They smell so incredible in the spring that I wanted them all around the yard, throw open the windows, and fill the house with the odors of heaven. I think, instead, I planted a dwarf non-fragrant variety. It’s been slow growing (hence the dwarfism) and I’ve yet to catch the fragrance of lilac. Still, it’s a beautiful little bush and I’m pleased to have it. It’s in full bloom at present and pretty as can be. Nothing wrong with that!

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